Raised in Washington State, P. Derrick Seagraves is the grandson of the church planter Paul C. Seagraves who pastored many places including Arkansas, Texas, California, Washington, and British Columbia. Derick's pastor for the first 20 years was Frank LaCrosse, and there he learned the compassion and servant leadership that characterizes true ministry to him today. Filled and baptized at 12 he was immediately asked by his Nana Seagraves, "are you ready to preach yet?" The answer was "no" for a while, until his personal ambitions and career could be put on an altar. 

Moving a career from finance to Oil in Alaska brought Derrick to a relationship with M.A. Glover in Sterling Alaska. Pastor Glover put Derrick to work in ministry and eventually compelled Derrick to be licensed as a minister. As ambition for a career gave way to ambition for the Kingdom of God, Pastor Glover advised Derrick to "get trained right" and complete a degree at Indiana Bible College. There he graduated in 3 semesters with a BA, a book written, and better, Shannon as his bride. 

Since their wedding Derrick and Shannon have been preaching. They preached their way from the wedding in Georgia to their home in Alaska. They preached all over that Greatland, leading mission trips and evangelizing. Recently Derrick and Shannon took their infant son Tristan and evangelized a tour of 6 months in the "lower 48," including Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Oregon, and Washington. Once returned home to Alaska, they look forward to what God will put on their hearts and how they might serve His Kingdom. 

One way that Derrick has committed to better support and equip the Kingdom is through the creation of resources. A Certain Sound, his podcast show of interviews on Pentecostal interests, was born out of that desire. He continues to write resources that he wishes already existed, and that are a blessing to those that receive them. Shannon leads the district's "Today's Christian Girl" ministry with her friend Rebekah. Though not with you always, the Seagraves are always trying to help. 


Consistently praised as an accessible and easy to understand preacher, Derrick strives to compel. If you would like to have him come preach, or speak on one of the subjects he has written about, please just reach out however is convenient to you. 



Phone: (907) 953-6015

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