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It’s probably not been long since I told it last but I have got to keep telling where he brought me from, especially because I want to let Hell know that I’m delivered !!! And I’m going all the way into the promised land with Jesus

“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom the Lord hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy” psalm 107:1

The first photo is of me when I was about 17 or 18 years old. I almost can’t believe that I had pointed that very gun at people and robbed and stolen from people. I ran around with gangs and would have probably got involved more deeply into that if I had not had a very abrupt lifestyle change due to drug use.

I soon after became addicted to heroine and it was not long before I used a needle to inject it, and cocaine straight into my blood stream and I became a prostitute to support my never-satisfied habit. I smoked crack and shot both of these drugs mostly, I ended up in hospitals with infections quite often, and overdosed several times from massive amounts of drugs that I was using, by the time I was 20 yrs old I had already worked in strip-clubs and for escort services and walked the streets for money. My life was such a wreck.

I remember times where I would think about God, and moments of clarity would hit me, and I would see that I was going to hell if I died now. God was with me all is the time. The times where I was almost murdered with guns to my head, and stuck in my face, and men I ran into who sexually assaulted me, and tried to murder me by strangulation. I was so broken but so addicted to drugs I felt trapped.

I sat in an abandoned house one day and cried after smoking my last hit of crack and shooting my last bag of heroine - there was rubbish everywhere. Roaches had infested the place things so dirty I don’t want to name them layed all over in heaping piles. Remnants of lives attempted and failed to live, layed all over.

I was lost, amaciated, the devil and the streets had chewed me up and spit me out again, and I prayed.... “God could you help me, I prayed God is there hope for me?” I shouted out in rage even, and then 2 hours later I got arrested Thank God ( he knows how to save us from us)

I later was sentenced to prison where I knew in my heart that I would refuse to leave without deliverance. I even FELT expectant that I was going for a reason and that I would be changed !

I stood at one of their altars in a church service at a woman’s correctional institution, and behind razor wires I was filled with the Gift of the Holy Ghost and I spoke in tongues and wailed and cried so loud and so deep as I felt Gods love and healing for the first time !!! God wrapped his arms around me and I trembled. There was a lifer there who prayed with me she said “You will never be the same again” She was RIGHT !!! I never was. God is so good ! He led me to a truth preaching church and gave me my Mom Barbara Williams and my Pastor Randy Williams and they have helped me on the journey to break free from dysfunction and bondage. I would not be here without my submission to God and them, and their loving correction in my life. I cry tears of victory and joy as I write this cause he made a way out of none for me. I was baptized in Jesus name March 8 2015

The church is your only hope lost young person - The church is your only hope prodigal world God’s people will be there for you and so will God if you will obey his Gospel and submit to his house his ways, and his people.

Stop looking everywhere for your answers and open your Bible seek its truth, pray ! Cry out ! God will make a way for you and deliver you, your kids, and your family.

-Mandi Rosen