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Your Hacked Bible will be full of unique, personal modifications that make it your own. A hacked Bible is full of built-in Bible Studies ready to be delivered on a moment’s notice. You’ll have the context to study better, the resources to defend your faith anywhere, and the kind of access to knowledge that usually takes years to have recalled at your fingertips. Many people have already been so kind as to review and compliment Hack Your Bible.

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Many instant resources are being added here to our Digital Resource Store. The resources I am building to drive revival, outreach, and discipleship will be published here.

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Morning prayer and Bible study may seem old-fashioned, but we are finding that making God first in your day has huge rewards! Take this challenge if you are wanting to grow in God, get direction, or just live a better life. This journal includes:- First Fruits Teaching as it has blessed many people already- Journal pages to record your growth and God's testimonies- Free gift invitation- Support group invitation

Included Are:

  • First Fruits Teaching as it has blessed many people already

  • Journal pages to record your growth and God's testimonies

  • Free gift invitation

  • Support group invitation

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Teaching, preaching, and vlogging all on demand wherever you are.

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Many people feel timid in their faith, and want to see God do great things but while being frustrated. "Ask Me To Pray For You" is a call to action in a ministry that is powerful and available to all Christians. With this guide and it's actionable practices you will be sparking faith and launching testimonies into the world!

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