Seagraves Friday Finds

We want to send you a short email with like 5 bullet points of the best stuff we're reading, using, and connecting over. Let me curate some great stuff for you, with links!

We want to stay in touch with you, so that whenever you have a need, or we have something more to offer, there's already a connection.

Sample of a "Seagraves Friday Finds" email:

To: You@yourself.comFrom: Me@PDSeagraves.comRE: Great stuff for your weekend - Seagraves Friday Finds

Hello! God bless your Friday.

Here's what we love this week:

  • A testimony of God's power over addiction to share. It's not ours, but it's worth sharing!

  • The best free Branding courses for a growing ministry or business that we could find. It's astounding what Hubspot is giving away.

  • I recommend "The Gap and the Gain" book if you want to increase your motivation and avoid discouragement. It's *short* and cheap, but impactful and practical. A rare value today.

  • Here's a huge repository of wonderful, Apostolic resources from Bro. Woodward. You might already know about it, but if not, "Wow" was my first thought! It's a career of teaching ready for your study.

  • I just bought the Spyderco Astute knife, and I love it. It's not imposing (classy even), fast to flick, high quality, and less expensive than a lot of their knives.

All my best to you and yours, in Jesus name!

- P. Derrick Seagraves | Eagle River, Alaska

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