Collaboration Interest

I'm interested in Collaboration

I believe that ministry is a team sport, played with "the body of Christ".

I'm looking for where I can fitly join together and move the Kingdom forward. I believe that competition is for losers and that there could be massive value when we can partner.

If you are doing something that you think I can help in, I'd like to know!
Just contact me through the form below please?

Thank you for connecting!

Areas I see an easy opportunity for partnering:

  • Podcasts, as an interview or co-host

  • YouTube, via video conference

  • Speaking, if your event can use my experience and ideas

  • *Insert your idea here,* I'm sure it's great

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Current Interests to talk about: Networking, Critical thinking, Media ministry, Authoring, Outreach, Finances, Personal development, Leadership, NAM,

I also am online at:

Background and Bio

P. Derrick Seagraves pastors The Sanctuary of Eagle River, Alaska. He was raised in Tacoma, Washington with Frank and Jean LaCrosse pastoring his family for 20 years. He moved to Alaska at twenty two with two bags to work on the oil platforms. There in Sterling, Alaska Mitch and Elisha Glover mentored and developed the Seagraves in ministry in The Greatland.

The Seagraves have traveled across the continent ministering in churches large and small while raising three children. Still a young family they are excited for what the future holds.

His passions in ministry are the practical preaching of God’s Word, the experience of the Spirit of God in people, and seeing the lost saved. His leisure time is filled with reading, fishing, hunting, and meeting new people.

He plans to preach on every peopled continent, to grow churches, and see great faith inspired making testimonies of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Areas that I'm involved:

Preaching and Teaching

Conferences | Retreats

P. D. Seagraves preaches very well to those new in the faith, and has taught on the authority of the Bible, the Power of Prayer, Faith, and more.

Contact with interest please.

The Sanctuary of Eagle River

Lead Pastor (Link)

The Pentecostal church in Eagle River Alaska.

Interns accepted.

Financial Strategy

Executive (Link)

Rapid debt elimination without consolidation or ruined credit, and tax-free worry-free retirement planning.

Page explaining here

a Certain Sound

Show Host

P. Derrick Seagraves interviews extraordinary Christians, and uncovers how those who want to change the world can equip themselves.


Apostolic Publishing House


Supporting and promoting Apostolic Pentecostal authors with a modern process. You keep your book rights, and own everything.


Credentials and Associations


Licensed Minister

Indiana Bible College

BA Biblical Studies / Theology

Alaska Yukon District

Fellowship of Ministers